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Akademie für Fotografie in Hamburg, Hamburg Fotokurse, Fotografie lernen Hamburg, Fotografie Studium, Kurse für Fotografie Hamburg


Gunnar Eichweber

A personal insight into the path i am on. A travel diary starting with a spontaneous four months journey which forged together five friends and me back in 2012 and changed our lives fundamentaly. Most of us met for the first time by litterally running into each other with open arms at night in the middle of an empty hill on the camp ground of a hungarian psy-trance festival two days before it started. This is where the adventure started, which led to the road trip of six twenty-somethings growing together, having insights about their purpose and place on this blue dot, and how all our paths are intertwined to provide us always with what we need, not what we want, and how to let this become the same. seeking a stronger connection to themselves, the earth and the entire universe to stay in this flow, and experiencing how alternative ways of living based on sharing quickly propel a groups energy to levels where basic needs are met by an unimaginable abundance, focus can be drawn entirely on personal growth and spiritual development. constantly realising that one cannot step back from an insight. Experienced and understood in it's entirety, change of actions is inevitable. Acting out your visions allows you to make the encounters you/the others/we need - to thrive.


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